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Hi, my name is Martin Suchan and this is my "blog", which has been re-started in January 2011. I currently live in Prague and work in Mineus s.r.o. as a lead Windows Phone and Windows 8 app developer. In 2010 I graduated on Faculty of Mathematics and Physics on Charles University in Prague - getting the Master of Computer science title, sounds pretty cool, doesn't it :) ?

My hobbies are generally software and hardware trends, also astronomy, astronautics and occasional support of the BOINC platform (beta tester and translator into Czech language).

I've been writing a blog before for several years, it's located here. You can check my favorite topics and ideas back then.

If you want to contact me, just use either skype: 'quarcitus'
or email: [firstname]@[lastname].cz
or you can find me on Twitter.

This is photo of me and Baron Pierre de Coubertin in Atlanta :)

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    Ja aj moj otec sa tiez volame Martin Suchan a sme zo slovenska :)